Saitama University Campus (guard house at west gate)
255 Shimo-Okubo, Sakura-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken

Latitude: 35.8619 N, Longitude: 139.6058 E (WGS-84)
Latitude: 35.8583 N, Longitude: 139.6089 E (Tokyo Datum)
Altitude: 8 m
Soil Condition:
Composed of soft soils (silt, silty sand and sand) with SPT value less than 10 for the first 35 meters below the ground surface. From 35 to 50 meters the average SPT value is 30, and it is composed of silt, silty sand, sand and gravel. Below 50 meters the SPT value is greater than 50.
Instrument Specification:

Altus Etna High Dynamic Range Accelerograph (Kinemetrics)


Type: Triaxial Force Accelerometer
Full scale range: 2g (1.25 V)
Natural frequency: 50 Hz
Damping: 70% critical

Sensor Direction:

Channel 1: S5W (+) - N5E (-)
Channel 2: Up (+) - Down (-)
Channel 3: N85W (+) - S85E (-)

Sampling rate:

200 samples per second


Integrates completely with system, providing timing, internal oscillator correction and position information

The time history data are in voltage. Acceleration can be calculated by
(Acceleration)=(Observed Voltage) x 980 / 1.25
Last update:5/27/2003